Meeting Minutes for Southwood Association February 2024 Meeting


Location: Southwood Clubhouse

Meeting Facilitator: Josh Donner, Karissa Brown

Secretary: Shari Boshart

Date: February 8, 2024 Time: 7:00pm


Josh Donner, Curtis Adkins, Karissa Brown, Terri James & Shari Boshart, Katie Jones, Molly Vanatta, Kaci Behm, Paige Zamora and Jan Simodynes


The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved


The agenda for the meeting was distributed and approved


Item #1:Tennis Court/Basketball Court

Details:  2 Basketball steel backboards and hoops have been installed along with tennis court water drainage issues resolved. Total cost of project $15,808.18. There are continuing plans to finish the project with power washing and painting the Tennis/Basketball court and installing solar lights.

Item # 2 Financial Report and Dues update

Details: Southwood financial report was reviewed By Karissa Brown (Treasurer). 2024 dues have increased from $50-$75/year. This increased income will continue to support increasing inflation costs along with neighborhood improvements. Dues were sent out the first week of February. Total outstanding dues for 2024 is $50,245.00 (including past dues and late fees). The Financial report is posted on the Southwood website and facebook.

Item # 3 Newsletters

Details:. All meeting newsletters will continue to be available on the Southwood Neighborhood Association website.

Item # 4 Southwood Marketplace

Details: Southwood Marketplace is up and running on the Southwood website and several neighbors have taken advantage of the site.

Item # 5 Southwood Serpentine Wall

Details: Discussion on the condition of the serpentine brick wall surrounding the Southwood neighborhood. There are areas of crumbing wall within the neighborhood. In some cases trees maybe contributing to the crumbling. To further define property lines and identify responsible, all members agreed to get 1 property surveyed to identify property lines.-this process is ongoing

Item # 6 Clubhouse keyless door lock

Details: Clubhouse keyless door lock has been installed for the security and convenience of obtaining entry and locking after each rental.

Item # 7 Clubhouse rental agreements

Details: Katie Jones gave an update on Southwood Clubhouse rentals with no issues with the new online services.

Item # 8 Tree Removal. Several trees in the Southwood commons areas have been removed or trimmed by No Limits Tree Service.

Item # 9 Lawn Care and Snow Removal

Details: Keeping Southwood common areas looking beautiful with mowing, fertilizing and snow removal comes with a cost increase from $8,240.00(2022) to $20,733.75 (2023). We will continue with the same lawn & snow services since they continue to be the lowest bid. All members were in agreement.

Item #10 Southwood cell phone. Discussion regarding purchasing a Southwood cell phone for clubhouse rentals & Venmo account. Our Venmo account needs to be associated with a phone #, so instead of the account being linked to an individual members phone number, it will be linked to the association #. All members were in agreement to purchasing a cell phone-ongoing process

Item # 11 Clubhouse basement. Discussion on having the clubhouse basement evaluated for potential rental and additional Southwood income. Also getting an estimate for installing an outside water source for future landscaping.  All members were in agreement with the above-ongoing process.

Item # 12 Clubhouse and Southwood entry landscaping. Discussion on using a local garden group for clubhouse landscaping in exchange for providing the clubhouse for meetings at no cost. Limits on entry landscaping were cost (approx $2400/entry) along with no outside water source at the clubhouse or entries. We will continue to explore options for landscaping-ongoing process

Item # 13 Playground Discussion on applying for grants, fundraising and obtaining donations for renovating the existing playground with new equipment and playground surface. All members were in agreement with 2024 being a fund building year with proposed renovation late 2024-2025.

Item # 14 Upcoming Events

Details: Upcoming Southwood events are posted on the Southwood website under “”Events”. This continues to be a great success and a great way to meet your Southwood neighbors.

Next Event: Saturday March 16th-Easter event with Waffleman and Harbor Coffehouse trailers, Easter Bunny, balloon animal artist and more to kick off Spring! $500 budget was agreed by all members.


Item # 1 Southwood Businesses: discussion on supporting businesses within the Southwood neighborhood by listing services on the Southwood website-all members were in agreement.

Item #2 Clubhouse Flooring: discussion on new flooring for the Clubhouse. All members were in agreement to getting estimates for new flooring.

Item # 3 Southwood Spring Clean Up: discussion on setting a date for Southwood common’s area clean up. All members were in agreement to looking for a date in the Spring.


The meeting ended at 8:00pm

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 8th-reminders will be posted on the Southwood Facebook page.

Minutes submitted by  Shari Boshart

Approved by  Karissa Brown