Meeting Minutes for Southwood Association September Meeting


Location: Southwood Clubhouse

Meeting Facilitator: Josh Donner

Secretary: Shari Boshart

Date: September 14, 2023 Time: 6:30pm


Josh Donner, Curtis Adkins, Karissa Brown, Chris Luber, Kaci Behm, Terri James & Shari Boshart




The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved


The agenda for the meeting was distributed and approved


Report #1 Financial Reports

Details: Southwood financial balances were distributed and reviewed by members


Item #1:Tennis Court/Basketball Court

Details: Options for cleaning, painting, adding solar lights and installing Basketball backboards and hoops were discussed. All members were in favor of purchasing 2 Basketball steel backboards and hoops through Bison, Inc and getting an estimate for powerwashing and painting the Tennis/Basketball court. All members approved the above.

Item # 2 Financial Report and Dues update

Details: Southwood financial report was reviewed. Dues update was presented by Karissa Brown (Treasurer). Homeowners with outstanding dues received late charges. $21,350 total outstanding payments with $2,562 in late charges. Outstanding payments were down to 134/446 (30%).

Item #3 Attorney Consult

Details: Southwood Association has consulted an attorney to assist in reviewing and revising Clubhouse rental agreements,Covenants and implementing late HOA fees per state law. All were in favor of continuing attorney consultation on an as needed basis.


Items #1 Garbage Company

Details: Member discussion on changing our current garbage service (Roggenkamp) to D&D with company agreeing to get garbage cans from the north side of the clubhouse and returning them to the same location (current status requires that an association member bring the cans to the end of the street and returns them to the north side of the clubhouse). All members approved of change in garbage service effective 10/1/23.

Item #2 Newsletters

Details: Member discussion on sending out paper newsletters on a biannual basis. March when dues notifications go out and September.  All meeting newsletters will continue to be available on the Southwood Neighborhood Association website. All members approved the above.

Item #3 Southwood Marketplace

Details: Discussion on creating a southwood marketplace available on the Southwood website. This would create a convenient place for Southwood neighbors to discover, buy and sell items within our neighborhood. The clubhouse parking lot could provide a neutral place for exchange. All members were in agreement in creating a marketplace on the website.

Item #4 Southwood Serpentine Wall

Details: Discussion on the condition of the serpentine brick wall surrounding the Southwood neighborhood. There are areas of crumbing wall within the neighborhood. In some cases trees maybe contributing to the crumbling. To further define property lines and identify responsible, all members agreed to get 1 property surveyed to identify property lines.

Item #5 Clubhouse keyless door lock

Details: Discussion on purchasing a keyless door lock for the Southwood Clubhouse.($300) for the convenience and security of obtaining entry and locking the clubhouse after rental. Southwood Association members would have access to changing the code after each rental. All members approved purchasing a keyless door lock.

Item #6 Clubhouse rental agreements

Details: Discussion on updating clubhouse agreements to allow only credit card payments. Karissa discussed the option of creating a link to Quickbooks (current southwood financial software) that would accept credit card payments and provide security of personal information. All members were in agreement with the above.

Item #7 Dues

Details: Karissa discussed the creation of a QR code on the dues invoice that will allow credit card payments. This would not be implemented until the next dues billing cycle March 2024. All members were in agreement.

Item #8 Upcoming Events

Details: Upcoming Southwood events were presented and are available for review on the Southwood website under “”Events”.

Friday 9/29: Waffleman 5-8pm Sweets on the Streets 6-9pm

Saturday 9/30 Wafflement 9-1pm Harbor Coffeehouse 9-1pm

Saturday 10/28: Trunk or Treat 4-6pm Flydogz 4-7pm Sweets on the Streets 4-7pm

Saturday 12/9 Cookies with Santa 3pm

A big shout out to Karissa for setting up all of these events to “get to know your southwood neighbors”


The meeting ended at 7:20pm

Next Meeting: Thursday November 9th 7pm  Voting of 2024 Board Members

Minutes submitted by  Shari Boshart

Approved by Josh Donner