The computer that held the HOA dues information crashed and burned. While I was able to recover the QuickBooks database from the hard drive, I could not decrpyt it as nobody I have contacted (and I went back several treasurers) could remember the password. The recovery email for the Quickbooks account is long since deactivated and I have no way of getting it back. So the board decided we would start fresh with 2020. Please be patient with us as we are setting things up from scratch in such a way that this will not happen again (we are using an online service with an HOA owned email account that at least 2 people will always have access to).

I know some of you have paid your 2020 dues, and there is a spot on the invoice sheet for you to indicate that and write an explanation for us. Fill that out and return it with your payment to the clubhouse drop box at your convenience. We are investigating taking electronic payments through Venmo and Paypal but it will require a board meeting to approve (It's November 11th at 7pm, please come!). Our hope is to have dues invoices out faster and with enhanced options for payments in the first quarter of 2022!

Finally, if you are a renter and somehow found this page, please pass the letter and invoice you got on to the property owner, thanks!

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