There have been questions about why there are dues for the Southwood Neighborhood Association and what the SNA is for. This page and linked document attempt to clarify those questions. In addition, the treasurer is working on a document that will break down what the costs are for the association so you can have a better idea of how your dues are used.

Why does Southwood have a Neighborhood Association?

One of the features of Southwood living is the enjoyment of the neighborhood common properties. These include the common green where children can play, the ornamental brick wall and entrances which define the area, and the Clubhouse property including tennis court and play equipment at 5000 Tipperary Trail. The Association provides the vehicle for common ownership and management of these properties.

What additional benefits does the Association provide?

In other cities and over considerable periods of time, Neighborhood Associations have proved quite valuable as a protection of the homeowner's investment. Working together, the Association serves as a vehicle to solve common neighborhood problems and helps keep the neighborhood from deteriorating in years to come. Children have a safe place to play. The availability of these designated play areas becomes more important as traffic around us increases.

What are the obligations of membership?

Every Southwood lot owner is automatically a member of Southwood Neighborhood Association. The Association is a democratic organization with one vote allowed per lot to help the Association make Southwood a better place to live. It is hoped that members will consider participation in the Association affars as an obligation of membership. The Association maintains and controls the common properties. It levies an annual assessment on each lot to care for and manage these properties, as well as help operate the Association.

What are the annual dues for?

The dues or annual assessment are to maintain the common properties: the greens, the Clubhouse, and the ornamental wall and entrances...all common properties owned by the Association. Dues also help the Association sponsor activities, publish the newsletter, and purchase equipment when it is needed.

Who determines the Association policies?

You do!...through your voting privilege. The Association articles provied for a nine member Board of Directors. These members are elected annually, the board elects the Association officers from its membership. These elections occur in November as provided in the by-laws. The Board of Directors determines Association policy, how funds are spent, and sets rates for rental of the Clubhouse and annual assessments. The Board governs the activities of the Association, holding regular meetings the second Tuesday of each quarter, open to every member in good standing. The books and records are also open to every member's examination during reasonable hours. All members are notified of Association and Board meeting activities through the Southwood Messenger newsletter.

Why is every lot owner a member?

Southwood Neighborhood Association is an example of American democracy in action at the grass roots level. Every homeowner must be a member to give fair representation to all, equal rights to all, and help you make Southwood the kind of place you want to live in.

Why is Southwood surrounded by a brick wall on the East and the South?

Southwood's modern land plan eliminates lots which face on the arterial streets surrounding it. This provides additional safety for everyone in their yards as well for families backing from their driveway in their automobile. The serpentine wall also shuts out much traffic noise and gives a pleasing sense of privacy and "place" to the area. Having the wall constructed by the developer means that a possible clutter of various individual fences can be avoided. The use of masonry materials provide a long life with minimum maintenance for continued good appearance.

What does the Clubhouse do for you?

The clubhouse was a gift to the Association from the developers of Southwood. You and your family have use of the Clubhouse on an individual basis for special parties, receptions, or family reunions at a very nominal cost, as long as your dues are currently paid. The Clubhouse includes a fireplace meeting room, a kitchen, and a carpeted card room - all now accessible by the handicapped. The tennis court also doubles as an all-purpose basketball court and other games.

Are dues considered a contribution for income tax purposes?


Who determines the Clubhouse activities?

The Clubhouse is open to each and every lot owner on an individual basis. While we have worked very hard to keep this facility nice yet making it affordable to Southwood residents, we also rent it to other people at a higher rental rate. This helps defray the costs we all share in. You can help determine the Clubhouse activity by working actively in the Association.


Please feel free to contact any of the board members on our Contact page or you can also send us a message on Facebook. In the near future we will also have a contact form up on this site, you may also email us at